Q Litter  (Zakira - Rasmus)

Ready 25th Dec-08 - 3 Males 7 Females

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Miss Red

Miss Silver

Miss Purple

Miss Lt Pink

Miss Dk Pink

Miss Yellow

Miss Brown

Mr Dk Blue

Mr Lt Blue

Mr Olive


7 Weeks
Miss Red 6111 Miss Silver 6097 Miss Purple 6010 Miss Lt Pink 6093 Miss Dk Pink 6038 Miss Yellow 5993 Miss Brown 6068 Mr Dk Blue 6199 Mr Lt Blue 6075 Mr Olive 6140 
Miss Red 6107 Miss Silver 6024 Miss Purple 6089 Miss Lt Pink 6185 Miss Dk Pink 6148 Miss Yellow 6123 Miss Brown 6201 Mr Dk Blue 6198 Mr Lt Blue 6076 Mr Olive 6079 
Miss Red 6109 Miss Silver 6157 Miss Purple 6132 Miss Lt Pink 6119 Miss Dk Pink 6178 Miss Yellow 6061 Miss Brown 6127 Mr Dk Blue 6196 Mr Lt Blue 6168 Mr Olive 6142 
Miss Red & Miis Brown 6128 Miss Silver 6105 Miss Purple & Miss Lt Pink 6048 Miss Lt Pink 6091 Miss Dk Pink & Mr Lt Blue 6165 Miss Yellow 6015 Miss Brown 6150 Mr Dk Blue 6064 Mr Lt Blue 6073 Mr Olive 6143 
Miss Red 6107  Miss Silver 6099Miss Purple 631 Miss Lt Pink 6051 Miss Dk Pink 5999 Miss Yellow 6005 Miss Brown 6082 Mr Dk Blue 6054 Mr Lt Blue 6072 Mr Olive 6136 

5 Weeks
Miss Red 5865Miss Silver 5884Miss Purple 5906Miss Lt Pink 5921Miss Dk Pink 5845Miss Yellow 5975Miss Brown 5852Mr Dk Blue 5893Mr Lt Blue 5934Mr Olive 5953
Miss Red 5866Miss Red 5882Miss Purple 5904Miss Lt Pink 5920Miss Dk Pink 5843Miss Yellow 5968Miss Brown 5851Mr Dk Blue 5896Mr Lt Blue 5930Mr Olive 5944
Miss Red 5867Miss Red 5879Miss Purple 5907Miss Lt Pink 5917Miss Dk Pink 5986Miss Yellow 5969Miss Brown 5854Mr Dk Blue 5897Mr Lt Blue 5932Mr Olive 5950

4 Weeks
Miss Red 5838Miss Silver 5655Miss Purple 5808Miss Lt Pink 5819Miss Dk Pink 5826Miss Yellow 5695Miss Brown 5778Mr Dk Blue 5767Mr Lt Blue 5665Mr Olive 5689
Miss Red 5638Miss Silver 5749Miss Purple 5675Miss Lt Pink 5627Miss Dk Pink 5718Miss Yellow 5699Miss Brown 5610Mr Dk Blue 5771Mr Lt Blue 5799Mr Olive 5684
Miss Red 5726Miss Silver 5742Miss Purple 5811Miss Lt Pink 5632Miss Dk Pink 5828Miss Yellow 5833Miss Brown 5612Mr Dk Blue 5621Mr Lt Blue 5803Mr Olive 5789

10 Days
Kira Head 5269Kira and Q Litter 5269Kira and Q Litter 5298Kira and Q Litter 5276Kira and Q Litter 5297Kira and Q Litter 5274Kira and Q Litter 5296Kira and Q Litter 5285Kira and Q Litter 5299Kira and Q Litter5289
Miss RedMiss Silver Miss PurpleMiss Lt PinkMiss Dk PinkMiss YellowMiss BrownMr Dk BlueMr Lt Blue Mr Olive